European Dental Academy


Promote your skills in medical, economic and patient-centered dentistry. EDA is unique: It encourages you with the latest advancements in oral prevention, periodontics, implant and micro-incision surgery. Inspiration and success come from intense practical application and training in small classes embedded in an inspiring environment.

Advance dentistry with focus on oral and body health. Protect periodontal inflammation and oral mucosal membrane diseases. Secure the natural dentition and dental implants. Stabilize bone augmentation applying implant surgery on a minimally invasive level.

The European Dental Academy teaches long-term clinical expertise with scientific evidence on the basis of medical, economical and patient-centered practice.

All courses listed adhere to the guidelines of the German Dental Confederation Funds (KZBV) and the CE credit recommendations of the German BZAEK und DGZMK Advisory Board.